The simple things

It may not be a big deal to some, but it makes such a nice change having Little B to talk to in the mornings as we get ready for work and leave the house together (sometimes he'll even make my lunch for me!). I also do enjoy seeing him look smart and sharpish for his day ahead. And me? I decide two minutes before I need to leave!

Little R made our hearts melt this week (he always does, but more so than EVER!). He didn't like the fact that Little B and I were sipping milkshakes this week at the table and wanted in - so with his saucer and cat milk out, he perched himself on a chair and looked content. With that funny cross-eyed face he pulls.

We have definitely got a shelving obsession as of late, and with adding two shelves to the kitchen last week and some to the dressing room, we found ourselves wanting more in other rooms. Little B took to putting some up in the bathroom which has already made such a difference. It called for a new vase.. Of course!

I'd seen Triangl underwear* and swimwear floating about the internet lately, and when this set popped through my letterbox (well kinda, the postmad had to knock), I totally fell into the hype. Like seriously, this underwear set is amazing! So amazing that I feel tanned, and for that brief moment (I couldn't not..) I felt pretty damn good!

On Saturday we woke pretty early, and instead of lazing about (this is so Little B and not me) we headed into town to get some bits done and browse the market. It seems that the market has become a place for delicious food lately, and we certainly weren't complaining. So much, that we bought chocolate filled crepes for breakfast!

As you know we're suckers for shoes and it seems that our stash is slowly growing week by week especially in the boots department! Little B picked these super swish boots from Daniel Footwear* now that he's a pretty important teacher, and instead I opted for some casual Ash trainers. You know, because I'm forever itching to be cool. And trendy..

It may be nearing June, but never have I been so grateful for this extra snug 6KS coat* that I literally cannot take off. It's super warm (which at the moment is a godsend) and perfect for those evening strolls, long walks in the countryside and late night trips to the supermarket. Am I already looking forward to Winter to properly wear it? Maybe a little!

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