Inside our dressing room

Although there's little snippets of our home that always pop up, it seems that we got a bit behind on our 'Inside Our Home' posts after only showing you the living room! But alas, today I'm showing you a peek into one of my much loved rooms (I'm sure I say this about all of them...!), the dressing room! And it's all thanks to Little B and his papa for their motivation from various Pinterest images and utter patience with a saw and drill.

I'd had the idea of turning the third room into a dressing room for quite some time, and before we consider growing up and having little little's, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to do it now. And enjoy it for a few years! Plus the copious amounts of velvet hangers that were purchased for these require some good use.Little B was pretty unsure with it to begin with, but after showing him a few ideas he warmed to the idea and realised that maybe he'd finally get some rail space. So him and his papa headed down to B&Q to collect wood and begin this task. We painted the wood ourselves, however it's not quite finished as we've had to add in some beams to prop up the shelf (apparently I own too many clothes... pretty sure I'm just normal?), which made for an uneven shoe line up, but once they're painted it'll be all complete. And perfect!

We debated a full length mirror in here, but with our free standing one in the bedroom it almost seemed silly having two (there's only so many times you can look at your reflection..!), and after a LOT of browsing around for the mirror I had in mind (that weren't ridiculously priced) I found this one from The Range at an incredible £42! We're currently in two minds whether we paint it white, but for now it's ideal and fits just perfectly along the side wall. And mirrors create natural light - we love natural light (and white if you've noticed...!)

Apart from our clothes and our shoes, the rooms kept fairly simple because as much as we love hoarding (let me rephrase, I love hoarding!) we wanted to keep some of the space especially for getting dressed in the morning. However for me, space just screams 'hey, throw clothes at me on the floor'... I'm still having an ongoing battle with this so Little B agreed to put up the perfume shelf IF I kept my clothes hanging up neatly at all times. At the moment it's working, but that's also down to the fact that I am in love with my white flooring and I can see it. So basically, I just want to move into this room.. Sleepover in the dressing room anyone?

B&Q Flooring & Wood | Out There Interiors Stool | Wilkinsons Voil | The Range Mirror | TK Maxx & Various Boxes

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