Duo Boots challenge

If there's one thing that I'm rubbish at (along with all my many, many other things I cannot do or remember..) it's turning my wardrobe from day to night. You see, the things I wear in the day are mostly located on the 'evening dresses' of websites, or clothes that my friends would put together for a night out so when it comes to deciding on a party outfit I struggle, I really struggle. So basically where I'm going with this is that when Duo Boots asked me to style up a pair of their shoes* from day to night, I didn't half become indecisive on how to do it, and IF too..

Urban Outfitters Smock Dress | Topshop Leigh Jeans | Primark Bag | New Look Jacket

Admittedly if I'd been asked a year ago, you'd have found this post containing two dresses, and the same pair of boots and jacket. However I mixed it up a little, and with my jeans being the easiest and comfiest thing to wear for an afternoon lunch date, they seemed the perfect option teamed with the boots. I threw on my old Urban Outfitters smock dress that looks like it's had a run in with the washing machine (boo to shrinking!), and hoped that my trusty leather jacket added the cool factor. Keeping it simple. But delightful. And pudding was still hidden!

New Look Jacket | Primark Dress | Olivia Burton Watch | Miss Luxe Bag

My evening looks have changed over the last few months, and where I once dressed up even more, I'm fast choosing comfort for a few drinks with friends rather than something short (this was a rare occurrence in fairness!). As you know (you always know this..) I'm never without my jacket, and throwing it over a pretty little monochrome dress keeps me warm from those colder evening chills that appear even after one too many. 

To be quite fair, this outfit is something I wear to work on a regular basis and although I've changed up my more casual look to become jeans and boots, I'm still opting for dresses and boots. Because boots are the perfect addition to anything (my wardrobe can tell you this...!) and these Duo Boots certainly do not disappoint. 

The simple things

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