Yellow Spring

Ever Ours Dress | New Look Boots | Olivia Burton Watch

I don't like to be that gal who says it but you know what, I'm so going to.. This weather is just a bit delightful (at this present moment in time) and it definitely called for those legs to be out on full show, because I am officially so over tights. Like so over them that I've hidden them (although for once I remember where they're hidden!).And with that obviously calls for some prancing about in the yellow fields, I mean seriously, how else would you want to spend your Saturday afternoon? It's always a toss up between afternoon tea with plenty of nice cake or attempting to be fit in the fields. I say attempting quite loosely, because as we've already established before, I am unfit and ridiculously struggle to get up the stairs without having to take a break before continuing my day.

But alas, I turned down that cake for once, and went for a small stroll enjoying the rare sneeze free moment whilst eyeing up those yellow fields. In nothing more than a pretty dress. And I can assure you that by the end of the walk, the dress became not only monochrome, but with hints of yellow too. I heard that pops of neon were in, and with DIY being in.. It seemed like a great idea at the time. Not so great when it's not your own dress though....

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