Underslips and Paisley

Asos Dress | New Look Jacket | Ray Ban Sunglasses | Topshop Boots | Olivia Burton Watch

I have officially become that friend, the friend that thinks pulling the silly faces makes for better photos. But think, that blogger one instead. Lately I have found that standing with my big cheshire grin doesn't always make for interesting photos (nor that extra chin that happens), and I'm not the best of posers (although others will beg to differ - pass me the smile anyday!), so prancing around like a melon seems more appropriate. I'm blaming the sun, and not that I'm complaining cause girl we know I love to get those legs out.

Admittedly I had a slight wardrobe fail with my underslip just constantly wanting attention from the world for majority of the day by sliding down... I mean, all I wanted to do was ditch my Winter vest, but I guess I'm not quite ready yet for that. Nor my leather jacket - and no, it doesn't walk on it's own. Not that I know of anyway! I have however swapped my black and tan boots that I ALWAYS wear, for these beautiful slouchy Topshop ones (yes, boots are the best!) which are utterly dreamy and I certainly didn't buy them when I was having an 'I'm totally turning Boho this Summer' moment. But you know.. Sometimes we can all dream.

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