Living with a Chef

As told by Little Me

- Being without said chef boyfriend. Most of the time.

- Mentioning living with a chef to a pretty standard reply of "Oooh, you MUST get lots of lovely meals at home then." Nope. He works every night.

- Running commentary on the rare dinner dates out together.

- The remains of said chef boyfriends dinner the night before consisting of; 3x packets of crisps, 2x chocolate biscuits and the packet of cakes.

- Those lonely lonely nights apart. And seeing the cat more than said boyfriend.

- One very passionate and thorough said chef boyfriend. In more ways than one - think DIY quickly? Nope it needs to be thorough. And perfect.

- Sometimes (most times) very tired and sleepy on the famous one day off a week treat.

- Lack of comminucation for up to eight hours in a day - usually resolved with notes around the house with messages to pass on to each other.

- Impromptu shopping buys because Balsamic Vinegar and that new squeezy Condensed Milk is pretty important...

- Attending couple evenings alone, and being quizzed on the real status of said chef boyfriend. Who they've never met.

- Making the most of limited time together by always doing something different and appreciating it hugely.

- Content with simple pleasures including chilled nights in with a good takeaway.

Yellow Spring

The simple things