Living with a blogger

As told by Little B..

- Sometimes having to sacrifice soggy cereal just so said girlfriend blogger can get a good Instagram photo.

- Walking around clothes shops and being reminded that "Rosie has this skirt.." and "OHMAGOD (insert gasp) Amy looked AMAZING in this top!!" Sorry, who?

- The constant pile of clothes on the floor. Constantly piling up.

- Being asked at least once a day "can you just take a photo of me please. Please?"

- Taking a really lovely afternoon stroll in a favourite village with said blogger girlfriend wearing most impractical footwear ever.

- Afternoon tea is nice. Not every other weekend.

- Some days all I want is for my gravy and mash to look like mush, and ugly. Somedays I don't want to put my gravy into a jug just for some photos. You won't use them anyway because it's not on a heart shaped plate.

- Debating packing the camera in bag. Packs camera. Moans all day from heavy bag. With unused camera inside.

- Reading said girlfriend bloggers latest post with confused face of today's outfit choice. Peering over laptop screen and seeing said girlfriend blogger in sweatpants and topknot.

- Thinking of nice things to do when the sun is shining until those dreams are shattered that we're outfit shooting. Again.

- Interrupted lie ins for a daily nod and groan to the postman with another parcel.

- Candles. Bloody candles everywhere.

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