The simple things

This weekend we finally accepted that our dream kitchen won't happen over night (especially if I keep buying shoes...) so instead we decided to take it under our wing, and love it the way it is for now. We put up some shelves and filled it with jars and pathetic little things. Because they're the best kind for a shelf.

This is quite possibly the best jar in the household at the moment. I'm not too sure how long it'll last, but for now I'm going to enjoy it every single day. And once it's finished, I shall refill it back up again and do exactly the same! And did you realise how difficult it is to write in chalk on a chalk sticker? No? Just me then..

We had a few days together towards the end of the week, which I guess you could say was in preparation for next weekend when Little B moves to the big new job and our evenings together forever more begin. We've also made a new pact to be more spontaneous from now on and so far it's going good!

On Friday we headed to Birmingham for an intense day of shopping then finished it up staying at my cousins house and enjoying a double dinner date at the most delicious Indian restaurant ever. Like seriously ever (they did good on the garlic!). The night was full of laughter and a few too many drinks...

Yesterday I caved and I bought some new jeans. Like some new DENIM jeans, that aren't black! I still debated taking them back this morning, but I persisted and I wore them. And I still can't tell if I like them. But this has no relevance to this picture, because I still wore my black jeans later on today....

With our new pact to become more spontaneous, we started small and on Thursday evening after pottering all day, we decided to walk to the local pub for a few drinks together. And because we were ridiculously lazy (and too busy putting up shelves!) we opted for a cheeky dinner and pudding there. It was yummy! And fun.

I'm not the best at keeping house plants alive, and it probably has something to do with the fact that I always forget to water them (at least I'm honest...) but when I saw this sweet little plant pot in a quaint little village, I couldn't resist. Actually Little B couldn't either, and even bought my cousin one as a gift too.

 These little furry feet have been full of life these last few days with little sleep. The poor tinker keeps falling off the bed in his sleep (I blame those slippy muddy paws!) and waking up for fun as soon as the sun shines through the window. I wouldn't have it any other way - I just wish he'd stop playing with my bras...!

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