Things we learnt this week

 1. Re painting a white wall isn't much fun and will really mess with your head, and eye sight for that matter. And I would win the award for worlds worst painter. On the plus side however, skirting boards are a doddle.2. How to make basically a wardrobe wall from scratch. Wood 0 - Little B - 1. He's a hero.3. Those payments for insurance and breakdown that you think you'll never use? Yeah, they're worth it. Because one morning I broke down. Oh wait, I didn't have breakdown cover..4. Speed cameras do actually work. Yes, that was me. Again.5. That it is completely fine for kitties to poop in the bath because if the taps dripping, it's definitely tricking kitty to believe the water is in fact wee. So kitty will of course poop away. HMMPH.6. That I well and truly failed at lent after approximately 4.5 hours. Chocolate is just too good.7. Eating too much ice cream and staying up late really doesn't make man flu go away for Little B.8. Man flu isn't real.9. Roasting potatoes aren't actually that hard to cook at all, and require little practice. And maybe there is more to cooking than just sausage casserole and garlic philly pasta.10. Not all street cats want to be our friend, and offering treats won't make them like us.11. Being a grown up is hard. And boilers are not cheap but are necessary.

A collar waterfall

The simple things