The simple things

Buying childrens clothes to wear as loungewear is ultimate wild Friday night. And snuggled with Little R.

Daffodils blooming on the windowsill make those still-cold mornings not quite so bad. They make me smile.

 Tasty afternoon lunches at local farm shops with the other one are the perfect way to spend a Wednesday.

Little R is officially the one with the big bum in the house after knocking over the tulips on the window ledge.

Seeing Little B in his normal clothes rather than his usual chef whites for a day of pottering. It was perfect.

Homemade afternoon tea with the lovely blonde cousin outside in the sunshine complete with strawberries.

The most delicious halloumi and roasted pepper wrap ever tasted from a tiny place called Hatch in St Albans.

Actually seeing this face for a whole five days solid. Dinner was cooked, TV was watched, families were seen and lots of laughter was had. I could most definitely get used to this.

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