The simple things

The bedroom is finally coming together and this beautiful bedside table from Out There Interiors has definitely finished off the look that we wanted. It always has (but is even more so now) one of our favourite places to chill out with a good book, some Youtube videos and a chocolate milkshake. My idea of heaven.

Last weekend I may or may not have had a little (big) splurge, and bringing Primark bags home through the front door always delights Little R. There is nothing more entertaining than making a hole at the bottom of the bag and watching his little paw poke out. Endless hours wasted away here.

This weekend I owe it to my little Bumble who has helped me remember why I blog and we spent the morning shooting outfits (I definitely preferred photographing her - she's a beaut!). Not only has she taught me that actually my complete messiness is on par with her's, but that blogging has incredible bonuses - making pretty awesome pals. And as she says "she's found the pea to her pod". Big snogs Megs.

We've pretty much spent the whole weekend eating everything, drinking too much wine and spending time with the family which is always one of my favourite things to do. Tonight finished off the weekend perfectly by cooking a pretty tasty dinner for my parents and for once feeling/attempting (whichever..) like a housewife.

Just as one room comes together and the next one begins, the first one gets messy again. Little B is currently turning our third bedroom into a wardrobe (too excited!) and so the rail has been moved into our bedroom whilst painting is done and flooring is laid. I love this little rail, but it seems we're moving onto bigger things because I may be a hoarder and my clothes are only getting bigger (I'm not pregnant. I'm implying I've a lot of clothes!)

And I had to share this cute snap of Little R in the garden today. It's the first time he's been able to play in a garden in the sunshine on his own. The patio doors have been open all day and he's almost felt a little confused by the warm decking and the birds in the trees. I guess he's like us, and feels the need to take a break sometimes!

Things we learnt this week

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