Date night

Fashion Union Top* | So In Fashion Skirt* | New Look Boots | Olivia Burton Watch

It's a rarity that we can almost put a label on this outfit as Date Night, because as you know this happens only once every few weeks (he works most evenings, and I spend all our money on homeware making it more like once a month), however this week we had a couple of days together and with that, we made the utter most of it. There were times when we bickered over who made breakfast and who hoovered the stairs, but putting them aside, we dressed ourselves up Friday evening and headed out for a few cheeky drinks and lived like we were back in 1969 (I tried 21 but it didn't have the same ring to it as 1969, even if we weren't born in that decade. I'll quit now).

Considering my everyday fact to whoever listens, that I don't own many tops, well I certainly don't seem to be lacking in black tops. But although my collection is stacking up, sometimes it just seems that they're not quite right for a particular item and in this case, the green skirt, So when this popped through my letterbox last week the little dance that occured straight after confirmed that this perfect top (complete with perfect collar) was an ultimate winner with said skirt. And now I've gotten almost a new finished outfit, it's only mandatory to over wear it.. Finished with my trusty and loving (also referred as old and scabby) sparkly socks!

The simple things

Mama's apple scone