A collar waterfall

My Style Union Dress* | New Look Jacket & Boots | Miss Luxe Bag

It's fair to say that it's been some time since I've last enjoyed my own set of photos, like really enjoyed them but through the midst of my confused thoughts on blogging I headed back to my old favourite spot (like literally, see!) and from a dog walkers thoughts.. looked like a plonker all in the name some photos. Because what kinda fool wears heels in a quarry and especially to climb over rubble? The fools that want to photograph their outfits in fun places - that's who. And well basically, I am one of them!

As usual, I am sporting my natural attire in the form of a collared dress with a small sleeve and enough bag to hide the copious amounts of food consumed hourly (I debated using meals, but admitting that I have three breakfasts, one lunch (boo), five snack breaks and a dinner and a half just makes me sound like a right porker...) and so in my eyes it has become the dress of dreams for the month. The benefits of being the dress of the month entails actually get to hang in front of my rail (sometimes even on the bedroom door - ooh!) and are worn repeatedly until something else comes along. And then you'll be pushed back until I do that monthly 'shop your own wardrobe' evening. That's pretty much how my wardrobe system works. But for now, that pink hanger dedicated to this dress is hanging, all alone, whilst I wear it enough that it can soon walk alone.

Cheltenham Weekend

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