The little things

Finally getting that haircut. Because it's only taken me eleven months to make that decision, and actually, one of my finer decisions ever made (once this fringe finally grows out). I feel so bouncy.

Making my favourite Winter casserole. I may have forgotten the potatoes fifteen minutes before serving this to my mama and papa, but it was a pretty tasty one at that. You can never, ever have too much garlic.

Little R's new love for the garden. And climbing THAT tree in the garden, because obviously being similar to a Koala Bear is much more fun. As long as there's a mug of tea, we can spend hours watching him.

Brightening up the bedroom. Until we finally decide on wallpaper, these Instagram prints fitted in nicely above the bed making it harder to get up in the morning. It's officially becoming a home instead of a house.

Fairy lights in the post. Because those other eight sets just aren't quite enough and it's been a few weeks since buying the last set. Oh and when they're in the sale, you just really can't say no to birdcage lights. At all.

Weekend flowers. Monday's are flower days, so when Little B came home with a few beautiful bunches at the weekend, it was love. And pretending to be a florist, is the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.

Daisy trees

Clean sheets