Tartan School

 In Love with Fashion dress* | Primark top | New Look boots | Miss Luxe satchel

I like tartan, that's a known fact after sporting a few pieces these last few months, however they've not been the traditional colours so when I spied this dress and it's pretty delicious collar I couldn't turn it down, and I risked it for a chocolate biscuit. And to make my Papa proud because he's a true scotsman.Prints are kinda a big deal in my wardrobe (ask my cousin, she'll tell you I'm a queen of prints) and of course nothing beats teaming a dress with my trusty leather jacket and favourite boots - I'm pretty certain I say this all the time! But on a serious note, the leather jacket wasn't enough to conceal the gaping of the dress being a little too big, but a basic Primark tee works wonders. Love, I adore your clothes I really do, but your sizing's funny.

Sometimes I think the main reason I cannot live without my jacket, is the fact it makes me feel cool and we all know that's what I'm forever after. (yes, I'm looking at you Amy!). There's some part of me that however hard I try to do the cool factor, I still end up looking like I've come from the school grounds - so for that I'm blaming the shoes. And the satchel. Oh and that cheesy grin o' mine. I must learn to swap my shoes for chunkier biker boots, ditch the satchels (oh!) and replace that smile with some sunglasses - in the form of Raybans, which I've noticed SCLO have a perfect variety. But first, I must pull up my socks and polish off those new shoes.I guess there are some things you just cannot change. And some people who do cool a lot better than you.

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