Better breakfasts.  Weekdays are for golden syrup porridges eaten in the car, and granola yoghurts consumed at the work desk. Weekends always call for sausages and hash browns. Or nutella crumpets. Always.

Blogging, shopping and organising. A perfect excuse to stay in bed in the morning whilst browsing Bloglovin, searching through the Next Home book and planning the week ahead. Under the cat throw of course.

Taking naps. Because if you can't nap on the weekends when can you? Especially if you're suffering from the night before, the busy week that was, or have used all your energy playing in the garden (we're looking at you R).

No other footwear except slippers. Always best accompanied with some fleecy pyjamas for that extra cosy feel whilst snuggled on the sofa watching a cheesy film. Other shoes aren't seen on weekends.

Candles lit and fairy lights on. Because there's nothing like inviting guests into your home with the fresh smells of soft cotton scented candles, twig lights a lit and a touch of dangling white fairy lights sparkling. Super cosy.

French affair

Daisy trees