Minkpink prints

Little Me wears: A Minkpink dress*, New Look jacket and boots and a Miss Luxe satchel.

It's a pretty simple fact that I'm easily persuaded by a printed dress, it beats a plain one anyday (I'm currently working on this!) and when this delightful looking one caught my eye, my first thought was that of a Peter Pilotto dress I lusted after last year. And although it's nearer suited for Summer weather, it certainly didn't stop me teaming it with my usual clothing pals, the leather jacket and black boots. Oh and those bare legs? Yeah I'm wild as anything you see. It's January, I'm fed up of tights.. Plus it can only get warmer now!

This year (excuse me whilst I get used to that!) I've not set any resolutions because Little B and I know within five minutes they'll be broken, however I promised myself that I'd take better care of myself. From the little things like not letting my eyebrows overgrow (although now the fringe has gone, there's no hiding them!), to making sure I eat a proper dinner every night, because as much as I love crumpets, they don't make for a real meal. Who knows, maybe it'll be the year I invest in wearing makeup (I'd probably need to go to a class for that - I'm clueless at that kinda thing, and from the looks of it the Professional Makeup Academy looks a good place to start!) and branch out to a new jacket and shoes. Oh, but those extra lie in's and comfortable black suede boots currently favour over applying eyeshadow and painful heels. There's still 11 months left yet..

Clean sheets

Dear 2013