The little things

 I want to say that this week we've eaten lots of chocolate, but it's no more than usual. Although now that the Mini eggs are in the shops, it's only necessary to buy a few bags and finish off the day with pastel chocolate.

 Last weekend was a slight write off after our works Christmas do. When there's free wine on the table, nobody is getting away without a hangover the next day. Domino's and lots of water sorted me out (eventually!).

 Little R has found a new favourite toy (hurrah it's not our underwear/paperwork/hair bobbles) and spends many hours in the bathtub with it.. Only if it's not in the bed/on the sofa/by the front door (or everywhere else!)

The ever so lovely Emily drew us and our New Years resolution last week - Little B thinks that maybe I should stop buying unnecessary fairy lights. Personally I think they're always necessary, and we can never have enough!

 There are just some mornings in life when you're up earlier than planned and breakfast in bed has to happen. And for that? Lucky charms - and a banana, because every morning needs a banana (unless you're Little B!)

Towards the end of the week saw us get a little tired and grumpy, so we bought new scented candles, some fresh flowers and spent an evening under the cat blanket watching a funny film whilst eating a Spanish casserole!

This weekend we're really looking forward to some time away. Little B booked a treehouse as a birthday surprise for me, and it couldn't have come at a better time. A few days away, just the two of us, our wellies, a selection of tapas, fleecy pyjamas and a bottle of wine all to be enjoyed in each others company. We can't wait.

Inside our Living room

Tartan School