French affair

River Island top | River Island skirt | Olivia Burton watch | New Look boots

Now here's another rarity, in the form of a fitted outfit as worn by yours truly. And as you'll probably have guessed from my other 120+ outfits in the last year, slouchy dresses are more my thing and the last time I braved the bodycon was quite literally this time last year. But when I was in River Island over Christmas something came over me, and I felt the need for this leather skirt which surprised me considering A-line shapes and my hips really aren't the best of matches. I tottered about for a while before heading back to take it home with me, where I laid eyes upon this beautiful stripe tee (you can never have enough stripey tees) and with that, I forgot my fitted clothing fears and headed home to place them in the wardrobe alongside my other leather skirt and stripe tee.

At first it took me a while to brave the outfit outside my own comfort zone, because let's be honest, like any other girl I tell myself I'm going on a diet the following day. Seriously, I just can't get enough of chocolate - my best bet wouldn't be a fad diet, I'd probably need the intense training from a Revival Boot Camp. Somebody who'll push me, put me through my paces, probably make me cry but make me fitter and healthier. Maybe that's what I need. But for now, I gotta get on with it, because this skirt won't wear it's self.

It's fair to say that I surprised myself, and I don't half feel a little (if I dare say so myself), sexy in this ensemble. Even on New Years day when I arrived at my parent's house my whole family seemed taken aback with compliments flowing on how nice I looked  (they've always said I'm a nice dresser but hey, this one took them by storm!) and of course Little B didn't complain! He even cheekily treated me to this beautiful Olivia Burton watch to complete my look. Hell, I feel like a brand new lady.. So here's to you 2014, you've not been so bad!

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