Daisy trees

Boohoo playsuit | New Look jacket | New Look boots | Olivia Burton watch

It may be a new year and everything but it doesn't stop the fact that I'm still buying anything and everything printed for my overflowing printed wardrobe. Admittedly this was bought last year during a 'I've nothing to wear for my birthday'  dilema and as per usual, I didn't even end up wearing it.. This tends to happen on a regular basis for me. However fast forward a month and I'm now questioning why on earth I didn't stick with this playsuit - I mean seriously, there are daisies on it. Many, many pretty little daisies.

And although today is a Sunday which is essentially a keep your pyjama's and slippers on kinda day, I thought I'd throw my wild side out there and wear it (plus I'm still debating whether it's a bit on the short rear side for work purposes...!) whilst, indeed, doing the housework. I say housework, I've spent 20% unpacking and sorting out the guest bedroom and the other 80% eating - two breakfasts are just a must sometimes. So with all this eating (and already thinking about dinner) my brain has come to realise why this playsuit was best left last month, worn only accompanied by Spanx. But alas, it's Sunday - nobody needs wear that kinda thing on a day like today - and right now, I'm about to get back into those fleecy pyjama's, find some dinner to make (and probably a second one too) and spend my evening getting a little too addicted to trashy TV. We love you Sunday's!


The little things