The simple things

This week I did something for the first time that I've never quite been able to do (let's not start on the stupid jokes).. I lit my first ever candle on my own.! And now I just can't stop (Little B always had to light them for me ha). This one Kim bought me for my birthday has been my ultimate favourite - the smell is incredible.

Today for the first time in quite possibly seven months, I wore a fitted outfit. I'd treated myself to these buys yesterday after Little B agreed to buy them for me (I knew he wouldn't say know with it being a slim outfit!) and no better reason than to wear them straight away. It's fair to say I felt a little cool. And trendy too.

 On Sunday we managed, with the help of both of our parents, to move all our belongings into the house, after a week of painting. As soon as the last box touched through the door, we popped open some champagne, because well this time it was the real deal. And we couldn't be happier. We are officially grown up's now.

 Little R has settled into the house pretty well, and declaring the bath his place to chase his tail (and eat the chain plug!). It seems that his sink obsession is still on-going and actually likes the kitchen - he's definitely the only fan (we're already saving for a new one!). As of next week he's going to head outside alone. For the first time!

 On Wednesday we had the living room flooring put down, and the furniture put up. It's officially become my favourite room in the house with the biggest transformation from what it was a few weeks ago. I surprised Little B with a coffee table last night and with a few rice lights and candles lit, this is the ultimate cosy room.

 Yesterday me and Mama went out for some last minute Christmas bits/new house pieces, and after treating her to a lovely new dress, I thought with the year we'd had that maybe I too deserved some nice things (do I ever need an excuse?!). Of course you can never have enough leather skirts and stripe tops, and this dress was too beautiful to walk past and ignore. And black boots? There's always room for new ones..!

Last night was a takeaway kinda night. After living in the town next to where we are, and Domino's delivery out of bounds, could only call for a cheeky delivery to the new house. And incredible it was. We definitely enjoyed a feast alongside some fruity cider and wine, and accompanied with some Christmas films. Ideal.

And just because I think this is literally the best text I've ever received in my entire life. Little R has a tendency to eat people's food when they're not looking and Papa was getting a little fed up with my parcel deliveries daily throughout the month. So this message is actually genius. And the fact that Papa eats fish fingers..

Dear 2013

White clouds