School outing.

Little Me wears: A Primark knit, Ark shorts*, Miss Luxe bag*, Shoezone boots* and Asda socks.

There comes a time in your life where you just have to go with things that are thrown at you. With us, it's looking younger than we actually are - so we embraced it today. Now we're forever being told that we should appreciate looking young, ideally when we're in our 40's, maybe, however being 25 (oof) we really don't want to be ID'ed for bonjela when we're out doing our food shop. And yes, that happened. On more than one occasion.

So it quite possibly didn't help that we've decided to dress like we've stepped out of school, but you know, sometimes collars, shorts and a satchel are just a must for a blistery Winter day.

With us having moved back home temporarily, we've only got limited supply of our clothes to hand (if you ask Mama, she'd definitely beg to differ...!), and upon looking for something under the bed (I'm forever looking for nothing under there) I remembered I had these shorts which I'd never shamefully worn. I think the lack of high waist played a big part, but with my love for this plum jumper (best £5 ever spent!) it seemed like a match made in heaven. Some would even say a little Rachel Berry, which I used to do ever so well.

Little B was partial to an afternoon stroll after a heavy lunch, so we headed to one of the quiet villages to duck watch, because sometimes people watching isn't enough. I think he just wanted to be able to wear his extra snug Pull & Bear jacket, which FYI, I WILL be borrowing in the near future.


The little things