Shearling lake

Little Me wears: A H&M dress, Boohoo coat, and Primark bag and boots.

Last week in London seemed to be the perfect opportunity to wear our new bits and pieces, because it's kinda mandatory right? Little B had wanted a thicker knit for some time, and the fact that he's too hardcore for a coat meant that it made for a (semi) sensible purchase (it's not cable knit - but we made progress!). And I bought this coat a few weeks ago after deciding that my eight year old Topshop duffle coat could do with taking a back seat for a while, and when this Boohoo coat looked like it stood up to the challenge, I couldn't not tick the checkout box.

Admitedlly, it wasn't as thick as I'd have liked (we all get cold sometimes y'know!), but when Little B said I should keep it - obviously I kept it...It's not many times you hear your partner say that, so you have to abuse these things. Let's just not talk about the fact I'm still cold, and that I could do with another coat..

So besides this issue, I feel cool in it, like I know what I'm on about, and where I'm going (who knew a coat could make you feel like that?) and turning sleeves back are cool. Well that's what my mama told me one time.

And finally FYI, Little B really isn't too hardcore for a coat. No, we're just in a lengthy battle that I think he'd look good in a parka. He begs to differ, thinking it'll make him look about twelve. I'm trying to tell him that at least he'd look like a trendy twelve year old rather than an old man in a coat too big for him.

Sometimes I think that maybe we'll just never be cut out for being coat kinda people...

All tied up

Autumn air