New Killer Shoes

Last Sunday evening I took my blonde lady friend to Birmingham with me for a night that most definitely turned us into 16 year old's once again. And you know what? It was right fun!

I'd been offered to go and see New Killer Shoes, who were supporting Happy Chichester at the Institute, thanks to Lucy at TigerBam, and after seeing them at #VintSetFest a few months back, it seemed silly to turn down the chance for a little boogie, some pear cider and three hot guys with knee melting vocals.

It had been many moons since I'd been to a gig and it may have just crossed my mind the slight fear of being crushed. But with my trusty black boots on and my leather jacket, I was ready to feel cool, and indie once again. My blonde friend, Little C, looked a bit delicious in her Dorothy Perkins dress and beautiful Topshop cut out boots also, and was ready to embrace the music, complete with a vodka and diet coke in hand.

Now we're all for a hot guy singing, but nothing prepared us for the acoustic set that was about to happen. Admittedly I remember very little from when they last played (sadly my memory resembles a fish. A Dory fish), so when Jon began strumming his guitar along to 'Losing My Mind', it's fair to say my heart melted slightly. I mean, please tell me we're not the only gals to get a little too weak at the knees at a guy and a guitar? 

New Killer Shoe's set could quite possibly now be one of my favourite's (yes, it may have been a while, but I'd seen a fair few in my younger youth!), especially with the intimacy that was in the room between them and the crowd (oh and maybe the fact 'Smooth' had something to do with it! - Which has now become my ultimate Youtube song.) It's fair to say that myself and Little C spent majority of the evening wishing our other halves were as dishy and talented as these three guys (honestly this is what gigs do to us ladies!) And I think Little B now needs a white blazer, all thanks to Ben and his. Oh and a guitar. That's Christmas sorted...

Autumn air

Checked tartan