London Life

A few weeks ago, when we both had some cheeky time off, we made the most of it and headed to London in search of shopping, food and music. And of course we succeeded. Admittedly, we'd planned to see Chvrches so it only seemed right to gate crash Big Little C's house - because hey, we all love to save our pennies every so often, or in our case, have more saved to spend on clothes (especially boots!)

After our night of music and some tasty burgers, we were quick to crash out on the sofa's (we'd been recommended to push two sofa's together - makes for the biggest kings bed we've ever know!) and every morning that we've woken up in that living room, we've never been disappointed by the views of the canal.

Once we'd finally surfaced, we headed to The Boat House in St Katharine's Docks for a light (and incredibly delicious) breakfast. As much as we love a full fry up, there's something appealing about eating from a deli (it may have something to do with us feeling more up market!). We rounded it off with a sweet warm coffee and a fresh smoothie, being the best way to start your day.

With our stomach's full and a fresh sour dough loaf purchased, we took a quiet stroll around the docks, thinking up what life would be like if we ever lived in London (sadly we're too much of quiet town people). It's always nice to come to the parts of London that you don't see, and the docks are one of our favourite places.

Before we decided to hit the road, we couldn't help but walk past the food stall that was setting up. Whenever there's fudge available, we can't seem to let it go, especially when it's Malteaer flavour fudge! With two bags full (and our tastebuds going wild!), we headed for home feeling satisfied from our few days and the thought of our pyjama's and slippers awaiting us. Heavenly.

Blue cream cheese

All tied up