Checked tartan

Little Me wears: A Primark knit, New Look jacket, Matalan skirt and Primark boots.

Winter has well and truly hit in the form that the faux fur stoles are out in full force and Little B is wearing tees under his checked shirts again. And with these little things that make Winter, it takes us back to those days in the French Alps, where it all began.. We won't bore you with the sloppy story.As per usual, we're playing similar dress up today, but like they say 'the couple that dress together, stay together'.. Right? To be fair, checks and tartans slightly different. I mean, after all, I'm rocking back to my family roots (I'm sure Matalan have even described this as a kilt!) which my Papa will be pleased about.

With Halloween around the corner, these photos could easily be mistaken for us preparing to be ghosts but unfortunately it seems our camera has decided to fool around. So yeah, we've actually still got a little of our Summer tan (well, I'm not so sure about Little B) so there's no need to call up TOWIE to book us in for a spray tan.

This weekend we're very excited, because we actually get to spend some time together. Which is kind of a big deal considering it's been about five weeks since we've had one day off together, and that's pretty crazy. It's going to be full of baking (Little B's part), birthday celebrations, a comedy night, plenty of food and some perfect company. I'm already hopping into bed so that the weekend will be here quicker!

New Killer Shoes

Austin Powers