Blue cream cheese

Little Me wears: A Monki dress, New Look boots, Primark socks and a Miss Luxe bag*.

You know when you're paying for an item that you're still not entirely sure about, and you get it home and still debate it for a while, and then all of a sudden you've worn it, like a lot? Well, yeah, I had that with this dress. 

I'm a lover of Monki, but very rarely buy online with sizing being so varied, so it's always my treat (or mission as Little B declares) that when in London, to visit the store - because it would be silly otherwise right? Admittedly Little B doesn't mind with him being a secret fan of my other Monki dresses, and will always boast that "nobody rocks a high neck, long sleeved and no flesh showing dress quite like you".. I guess i'll take that as a compliment...

So with that, he pretty swiftly decided that I purchase this dress (I think he was hungry..) - and thankfully after two days of debates (with myself of course), I wore it. And within the space of two weeks, I've worn it out both weekends. And maybe a weekday too. Oh and I might just wear it again this weekend..

Whereas look at Little B, he's had this shirt for quite some time now, and still manages to dig it out for all occasions, and still feel like it's a new one. I should probably take note from him... But then again, I've got a new dress on it's way to me, so, it's basically a vicious cycle. Hashtag fashion dilemmas.

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