Autumn air

Little Me wears: A Pussycat London dress*, New Look leather jacket, Shoe Zone boots* and a Nica bag.

So it's fair to say that as soon as the sun shines, the tights disappeared again. Although, I've somehow managed to only begin wearing them last week - I think that's pretty good going. Bare legs for the win!Last week Little B and I had some time off work and making the most of it was high priority considering we actually work quite a lot (OK some more than others!), so we'd planned to head to London for a few days and then potter for the rest of the week (with a definite Ikea trip needed!). We ate out more than our stomachs could handle, we slept more than we needed and we sang louder than we should have when we went to see Chvrches - who were absolutely INCREDIBLE! And it was nice. Real nice.

And with us having this spare time, the uniform was folded away out of sight and replaced by new dresses and boots (sadly, Little B didn't opt for a dress..) which is always a treat. Now we love boots more than the average person, so when Shoe Zone offered us each a pair you could bet your bottom dollar what we'd choose..These black boots sit nicely in my collection of my other, urm, four pairs of black studded boots..

Shearling lake

New Killer Shoes