Austin Powers

Little Me wears:  A Choies dress*, New Look jacket, Primark belt and New Look boots.

I feel like I just want to shout from the top of my lungs 'GROOVY BABY!' because, well, this dress certainly makes me feel slightly Austin Powers. I just need the glasses and I'm good to go. But seriously, I really like this dress! I may have pondered it upon arrival for a while, but once I tried it on, the perfect collar won me over - as usual. Of course it only seemed right to team it with the loves of my life, those cut out boots and my trusty leather jacket. Which is a funny story (actually it's not so funny really) because every time I wear some form of leather I always think I'm Amy. And since owning this dress, I feel like Claire. So basically, yeah, I feel a bit cool.

I still can't face wearing tights (I will NOT back down, not quite yet) so I must not complain about the consequences when it comes to the wind outside and short dresses. Let's just say I spent majority of my afternoon yesterday walking around the town holding onto my modesty. It's always a fun game this time of year.

Yesterday was a lovely day, consisting of treating my parents to a delicious lunch in a local cafe, a spot of clothes shopping (hello new coat), a cheeky M&S flower treat (it' was Monday after all!) and finished off with TV catch up and a nice cold tub of Ben and Jerry's. You know what? I love being back at my parents home!

Checked tartan

Grey mornings