All tied up

Little Me wears: A Primark knit, a New Look jacket, River Island maxi skirt and New Look boots.

Rewind back to last Sunday, where it seemed far more productive than this one. Today was spent nursing a semi hangover (I'm still adamant it's more tiredness than cider...) along with having to battle what seemed to be a huge pile of clothes in our bedroom (alright, it's HARD two of us living in one room!). Whereas last Sunday was spent swanning around with my brunette gal, Kim, where we indulged on some home made French onion soup (thanks Mama Mcfred) and drove down the back lanes of my hometown. All this whilst dressed pretty darn similar.

You see, being a girl and all that we tend to sometimes see our wardrobe a little empty. I'm a huge one for admitting that I've a mound of clothes (these piles just keep on appearing..), yet I constantly stick to the same few items, dresses in particular! So last week during my evenings - consisting of pyjamas, ice cream and pretty much doing nothing - I found myself trawling through my older outfit posts for 'inspiration'. Now this may seem a little odd, but with us forever on the lookout for new style ideas, it seems that we're always forgetting our own looks we've created before. And yeah, trends are trends, but feeling good is better right?So with that, I delved into the 'pile' and reappeared with this maxi skirt, still tied up from the last time and embraced it once more. Which felt nice, and upon informing Kim of this, she wanted in. Because there's definitely nothing more fun that tie-ing up your skirt on a Sunday, and hanging out with your friend equally doing the same.And so ladies, next time you're standing in your knickers between a 'pile of nothing', take a scroll back through some older posts, because you never know what you may find.. Oh I guarantee some laughs along the way too...

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