Umbrella drinks

Little Me wears: A cami from New Look, trousers from Select and Topshop sandals.

Little B wears: A River Island tee, Topman shorts and Brakeburn shoes.

Do not fear, it's the last of the holiday outfit snaps, so we saved the best till last (well in my opinion anyway!) Because surely we all love to see a bit of wild mullet hair, and trousers that really don't suit me.. Everybody needs a chuckle towards the end of the week, and I thought I would do just that for you.

You see, I guess like most people, we get these ideas that we can look good in certain items of clothing, and we continuously try things on even though every time we just KNOW that they're not right. That's my problem with printed trousers. But on this one occasion (actually the night before the Company awards!), I convinced myself that these worked, and I looked like the bees knees.. When reality kicked in the next evening, what I saw in the mirror was not what I imagined in my head. And with that, I threw them to the back of my wardrobe. 

Fast forward a few months when I stumbled upon them (as you do) and once again I thought it could work, for that famous 'airport look' - you know the one, oh I'm just in my casual, easy pieces trying to look like I've not made an effort but oh so have. And I'm still not sure. But I still wore it anyway.

That's when Little B becomes Mr Sensible.. 'If they're not right in the first place, then don't bother with them' is what he'll always say. But please tell me it's a girl thing, and that we all do it? Right? And anyway, Little B would rather spend his money on some delicious tasting cocktails rather than a snazzy pair of trousers that make me look like I'm the eighth member of S Club 7! Or in this instance, cat food for his new found friends on holiday...

The little things

Cool breeze