The best of anniversaries

To Papa G and Mama Mcfred.

I couldn't wish the happiest of anniversaries if I tried, to anyone who deserves it more than the both of you. And even if I gave you the world today, I know that you're both just grateful to be able to spend it together on such a lovely day. Which makes me smile, like a lot of things that you both do. 

I like the way that you're still strong together, and your love is forever and always (as Papa says).

I like that however much has happened to the both of you, there's always a smile on your faces.

I like how Mama is always right. Even is Papa is actually right. Mama's still right.

I like that you've brought me and my brother up in the best way possible. We cannot thank you enough.

I like how you constantly care for us, and are there to pick us up when times get rough.

I like that you proved your vows right in standing by each other through sickness and health.

I like the fact Papa G has taught me that pie, sausages and fish fingers sarnies are the best dinners you can have.

I like that you're such sociable people, and never, ever turn down a sambucca (or two, or three...)

I like the way you both still guide me through life, with advice and guidance.

I like the fact that you're always at the end of the telephone, and your door is forever open.

I like how Mama has inspired me to become the woman she is today.

I like that you appreciate the small things, and take nothing for granted.

I like the way you tell stories of your life and experiences, with such passion and inspiration.

I like when you discuss Emmerdale at the dinner table, as though it's real life.

I (secretly) like that you're wishing for grandchildren soon, and wouldn't say no to a wedding.

And I'll always like how much love you give to us both. Unconditionally.

All my love, forever. x

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