Sunset palms

Little Me wears: A New Look cami, a Topshop skirt and sandals, and a Peacocks bag*.

Little B wears: A tee from Primark, Topman shorts and Superga trainers*.

And so the cliche holiday snaps have started.. Although in our defence we only popped out to get some photos a handful of times whilst our friends were getting ready. So that makes it OK right? But enough of that, let's just spare a moment to take in that this may be the only time you'll probably ever see my semi bare chest. And yes, it's kind of a big deal, because if you've ever noticed before, I like my tops to my neck (amen collars). In fact, it was only two days before we were heading away that I realised a strappy top would be needed in Spain, and funnily enough I wore it a fair few times. I may even go the extra and say that I'm slightly converted.. On holiday anyway!

We were very grateful for our lightweight pieces, because it's fair to say it was 'still' all evening (just like our parents always said, and I guess we're officially turning into them!) and Little B's Superga trainers definitely came in handy for the stroll along the beach (he loves a bit of burgundy.. As do I lately!).It's been a week since we've been back, and we're already wishing we were still there. I'm sure we all say this, but you definitely need a break after your holiday, it's a funny old circle! Plus we've not really managed to have a weekend together, with Little B now working on our only day off, so I'm now determined to teach Little R to talk by the end of next year. It's my new aim in life.. Otherwise I'll be back to watching Hollyoaks again!

Cool breeze

White wheat