Pocahontas days

Little Me wears: A Madam Rage dress*, Primark belt and Matalan boots.

Little B wears: A Burton cardigan, Pull and Bear tee, Topman jeans, Daniel Wellington watch* and Peacock boots*

There's definitely something about this little spot in the most beautiful village, that makes us feel like we're part of Pocahontas. Of course, John Smith has always been my first love (and always shall be), and with Little B offering to step in, and woo me with 'Just around the riverbend', I couldn't say no really. Plus he doesn't half look dashing in a burgundy cardigan. And when the sun was still around, it was the perfect opportunity to wear a new dress, although it's not like I never need an excuse to.. So a good morning was had by all I think.

When in a pretty little village, it's only fair to round it off with afternoon tea (especially before routine changed and Little B no longer has Monday's off.. BOO). In a grown up world, we should have realistically been packing up, instead of swanning around in a quaint tea shop (and 'getting rid of unwanted things' as Little B keeps saying ), but you know there's always room for scones and strawberry lemonade. And now that time together isn't as often, it most definitely makes us more determined to plan.But for now, I'm going to play grown up, and start packing, because we're sofaless.. Once I've eaten the chocolate, and watched some TV trash on the beanbag. And maybe had a mooch around the house.

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