Cool breeze

Little Me wears: A River Island smock and New Look sandals.

Little B wears: An Asos tee, Primark shorts, and Brakeburn shoes.

Another holiday outfit and what seems like a distant memory now (but a good memory of course). At least this week, has meant we can still parade around in our short dresses and bare legs.. Of course not so much Little B, he's been spending most of it in his chef whites. Doing what he does best!

Never have I appreciated a smock dress so much, than when we went for an all you can eat dinner. Not only did I not have a waist band to feel tightening, but nobody even knew I'd eaten as much as a horse! I think Little B wished he hadn't popped on his tight white tee, because there was definitely belly button showing that night after a few steaks! And finished up with a few cheeky cocktails.. Which always go down nicely.

We've not had a very good start to the week, with us being served notice to leave our cottage. Basically we've had damp problems for over 10 months now, yet nothing has been done, and this seems to be their easy way out for them. To be honest we're a little sad about this, because we do love this place, but it's done nothing for our health (or our personal belongings for that matter). We're not too sure on the next step where us four shall be heading (probably a circus at this rate) or what we're going to do, but we do know that we've got many a boxes to pack..

We may only be into September, but with everything that's happened this year, we're kinda hoping that maybe next year will be brighter. We'll definitely be drinking to that.

Umbrella drinks

Sunset palms