Wind in the willows

Little Me wears: A Madam Rage dress*, New Look sandals and a Primark belt.

Little B wears: An ASOS top, Topman shorts and Primark plimsoles.

How life can change so easily as you get older. It was only a few years back, that I'd be chuckling at how Mama Mcfred would be on her evening walk, alongside many dog walkers, and the only difference between her and them was that she didn't have a dog. Or a lead with her. We even contemplated buying her a lead, so she could at least 'fit in'. Fast foward to now, and that's basically what Little B and I do, because let's face it, the hidden dog walking spots are actually the most scenic and always calming of places for a stroll.

On our way to afternoon tea with Little B's parents (of course we had to give them a taste of the local scones, farm shops, and strawberry lemonade!) we pulled up at one of the quiet spots that has a secret place in our hearts. For a few moments we get lost in the gentle flow of the stream, and the winding pathway that seems to go on forever. We're incredibly lucky that we're surrounded by so many beautiful villages. And this one does not disappoint (it's bookmarked on Rightmove!). And in true fashion, my shoe attire was of the wrong choice. As always.. 

You may have also noticed that Little B had a bit of a hair cut (I swear, the free beer with a trim always works!). He'd been debating going a lot shorter for a few months. You see, it's been a bit of a sore subject, but as a teen he suffered from thin hair, with it only getting thinner as the years went on, and after trialing many pills and caffeine shampoo, he took the simple route and went for the shaved look. It took a while getting used to it, but actually, I don't think he looks half bad. At least he's stopped using my shampoo now!

The little things

White wind