White wind

 Little Me wears: A Zara dress, Matalan boots and bag and RayBan sunglasses.

Little B wears: An ASOS tee, shorts, Quicksilver flipflops, Surfdome belt *and Bolle sunglasses.

Hi we're Little Winter and we dress similar. OK, either we need to just get over noticing this and get on with life, or basically just stop wearing the same colour. And we both really shouldn't even be allowed to wear white considering we're messy people. But alas, this dress was too pretty to leave sitting on those crammed Zara rails, and ended up coming home with us. Because after all, everybody likes to feel like Kate Bush every once in a while right?

Little B has spent many hours in his white tee. He calls it his 'Summer tee'. I'm still waiting for a bit of Ribena to spill down it, but so far we're alright.. And popping on his flip flops, makes him get lost in the heat and pretend that we're already abroad. Until reality kicks in and we remember that we're back at work the following day. Oh life! But hey, only 16 days till we head off to Spain. And we really bloody can't wait to just chill out, in little clothing and get a bit merry every night with our dear friends.

Tonight is spent (just like every night this week, we kid you not), with a bar of chocolate, our thinnest pyjamas and some trash on TV, because we love nothing more than chilling out on a Friday night. And a Thursday, and Wednesday. And pretty much every day of the week. Unless there's a BBQ on!

Wind in the willows

Suited and booted