The little things

This last week has seen us give Little Winter a break. It wasn't an intentional break, but actually thinking about it, it's been really nice. Nice to not worry about making sure we've snapped our outfits or taken a good picture of our food. Nice just to take time away from it, and not turn the computer on all week. Because after all, life is for living.. And we need the life to live, in order to get photos. Right? (Does that even make any sense at all?!). Although, to be honest, majority of it has been spent in bed getting stupidly addicted to Hollyoaks, whilst making mind lists for holiday essentials. It's fair to say, our lists have been forgotten (and re-thought various times over), our TV has been somewhat abused lately, too many crumpets have been consumed and the washing hasn't been done all week. 

But hey we're off on holiday on Sunday and it's definitely what the doctor ordered.

Little B has been working a lot lately, and although we live together, it's been a bit rubbish as we've wanted to do nothing more than snuggle on the sofa, under the cat blanket with a big bar of chocolate (each!). He's very much counting down the days till we go on holiday, and preparing his unsunkissed body with tanning tablets. But of course, his new found golf love comes first, with a game booked just hours before our flight! What a wild thing.

Little Schmidt has been having a few too many lazy days lately. A bit like us really, and has taken his bed to numerous places, beginning near the wheel and finishing up under his water bottle. To be honest he's got it sussed, if we could cart our beds with us, we'd be doing just that too. I think he's looking forward to a week with the house sitter (aka cousin Charlie!).. Apple treats galore will be on the cards for him! And he's always one for a party.

Little Runkle called time on our 'famship' this week, until we spend more weekends playing ping pong with him, and giving him extra treats for being cute. He's been the first one in the bathroom the last few mornings where family bathroom meetings seem to happen. And he's also been trying to sort his OCD whenever he's used his litter tray... We're getting there. Currently knocking the tidying down to 5 minutes each session. Work in progress.

With Little B working, I've had too much time on my hands this week, and actually been missing him a little bit. In the attempt to pack for holiday, I've realised that I also don't own anything overly Summery.. So after the biggest debate in town, I finally came home with a camisole. I guess this is me getting a little grown up and showing some more flesh. Although, not at the rate I keep eating Oreo chocolate every night.. Food baby central down here!

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