Suited and booted

Little Me wears: A ChiChi dress* and Dorothy Perkins shoes.

Little B wears: A River Island shirt, Asos trousers and tie and TK Maxx shoes.

We're going to put this out there first, and say that we don't spend our days off parading around in this kind of attire (we wish), but you know, every once in a while it's nice to feel like a business man and a princess (?!), and get dressed up. So we did. Because we're not too sure when I'll be able to wear this dress again..

Sadly, it seems the only time Little B gets to don his suit attire as of late, is at funerals, which isn't the most appropriate place to stop for a blog photo. And when this dress arrived, he'd suggested that we show the world (yes the world!), that we can do dapper too. And besides my half slutty shoes, I don't think we did too badly.

If you know me, or even notice from previous posts, there's never that much cleavage on show. In fact, there's never any (much to Little B's dismay).. So you can only imagine my face staring at my reflection, as Little B zipped up my dress. It was different, very different. Has it converted me to low cut tops? Most certainly not! BUT it has made me consider a sweetheart/corset neckline in the future. Although, it would mean no chicken dancing. And if ever there's chance to chicken dance (big fan over here), this so takes priority over a pretty lace corset top anyday.

Aside from dodgy dance moves, we wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your extra kind comments on this post. We really didn't expect this response at all, but it's so refreshing to see that we're not the only one's who blog for happiness and as a place to escape. You're all a bit too lovely, and if our house was big enough, we'd be inviting you all over in a flash. Although I'm not sure how Little B would feel about that.. He knows that if there was cocktails involved, then the tidy fairies would have to step in my place, the following morning! So for now, we'll just say a big thank you. And throw in a few wet snogs from the furries.

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