Snooze in Brighton

Last week, a couple of days was spent basking in the hot sun, filling our tummies with endless ice cream and tiptoeing down the pebbly beaches of Brighton. And it was absolutely lovely. We'd wanted to go away for Little B's birthday and had been recommended a few places to us (thanks Twitter!) in Brighton, so we packed our bags and headed down south. To quite possibly our new found favourite B&B ever... Snooze!

We opted for room 4 (Little B says it felt a little home from home!) with it's vintage inspired wallpaper, antique chic furniture and the coolest cushion ever laid eyes on. Of course, whenever you head to the seaside, it's a must for a stick of rock..So you can only imagine the delight when one greeted us on our bed!

It's always nice to have a cup of tea or coffee first thing in the morning by the side of your bed, but it's much nicer when there's hot chocolate and butterscotch biscuits waiting for you instead. Topped off in personalized Snooze mugs, made us eager to get into our pyjamas and snuggle down with them (the heat didn't stop us!)

The floral sink, may or may not have had something to do with us booking this room in particuular.. And if sinks were easy to pop into your handbag, this one certainly would have made it's way into our home! But sitting on the beautiful chair, looking out at the surroundings (and hearing the sound of those never ending seagulls), was the perfect place to be after a day spent at the beach.

Breakfast was served in the ever so quirky breakfast room, complete with mismatched crockery, an array of artwork and some pretty good crumpets too! Of course, we chose the window seat, because we love nothing more than windows (it's our secret festish.. See below picture!) and staring out at the passersby as we drank fresh coffee and finished up with some mouthwatering strawberries ready for the day ahead.

We'd definitely recommend staying at Snooze if you're ever in the Brighton area. It was a completely refreshing place to stay, full of life and quirky pieces. We really enjoyed our time there, and are most definitely planning our next visit here... Because that floral sink hasn't quite seen the end of us yet..!

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