Picnic paradise

You could say that Monday afternoon was literally spent surrounded by food and drink. Topped with a lot of sunshine too. Which to be honest in our opinion, you can call a pretty good day!

We're always on the lookout for a farm shop tucked away in the countryside, so when Mama suggested one that they'd visited with a beautiful driveaway, over friendly chickens, and delicious scones, we knew where to head! The plastic flowers and the polka dot table covers would have me sitting inside in a flash, but the sun shining was too nice to miss, so we took our jam filled scones and Victorian lemonade outside, and chicken spotted.

Because you can never have enough strawberries in a day, we decided to pack up a tub of fruit and some Summer fruits squash, and along with a blanket, a pillow and some speakers we stumbled upon this perfect calm field. The field that seemed to be never ending, complete with a stream. And of course, this time we half managed a game of Pooh sticks! Although it wasn't as tense as I remember back in my childhood years..

Little B popped the blanket down on the bank overlooking the water, and for those next few hours we enjoyed listening to the world go by (with help from M83 and Lykke Li), with a cool drink in one hand, and some tasty strawberries in the other. Sure enough, we had a few cheeky visits from over friendly (and wet) pups!Since the sun has been out (please stay for longer) we've really enjoyed doing simple pleasures like this, having pudding picnics, walks through fields and attempting to top up our tan for the Summer. We've already got next Monday's plan sorted in the shape of Little B's old village. Ooh, we can't wait!

Life lately

Life lately