Perfect V Reality

You know when you read something, and then you notice it a bit more and it just starts to bug you that it doesn't go away? Yeah, well we have that.. All in the name of 'the perfect blog'.

We're not normally ones to make a big deal of things (trust us, we're always the first to scurry into the corner and hide!) but lately I've seen comments floating about Twitter and Blogger like 'getting fed up of seeing people making out their lives are perfect' and 'at least you're blog isn't so fake', and the world certainly doesn't revolve around us, but we felt we wanted to step in personally. For our own piece of mind.

When we changed this blog over to Little Winter, we mentioned that we weren't the 'perfect couple', just like any other couple. Like the rest of the world we have our ups and downs, and we bicker over who does the washing up, why my clothes are still sprawled over the floor and that Little B stays up too late sometimes, and when I last checked, that was pretty normal. Because we're just normal people. But we're not exactly going to be editing the photos of Little B having a strop in the bedroom because I managed to get my own way again, or Instagram the shot where I'm huddled on the sofa in my ugliest pyjama's having a cry over probably nothing important, because let's face it.. Who even wants to see that? And just like the other hundreds and thousands of bloggers, we started Little Winter for a place to write and share our daily musings and brightly printed wardrobe full of fun and happiness and drinking out of jam jars. Because that's what we actually do, even if it is only for one day a week.

You see, Little B and I actually don't see each other all that much. At first glance, you'd think we spend our days having pancake breakfasts, followed by a walk in the countryside and then finished up with a cinema date and as much of the Tesco sweet isle we could fit into a bag, however in reality we only spend one day a week together. And the rest of my evenings are spent alone, with Little R whilst Little B works his long hours of 8am right through to 11pm. And of course, I wait up for him, in the hope of actually spending 5 minutes with the person I love. So you can imagine the tiredness in this household. I'm going to be honest, it isn't easy. But we make it work, and that's why our Monday's are always spent in the best way possible (with a few outfit shots thrown in for good measure!)

I guess we can all put our hands up and admit to getting slight pangs of jealousy, when you see that girl with the perfect hair ALL the time, or the most amazing parties thrown, but hey, let's all remember that the girl with the perfect hair? She probably doesn't even head outside when her hairs not looking as sleek as usual. And the most amazing parties? We can have them too, but we're just having too much fun to photograph them! So next time you're over here having a read, and wondering why you're coco pops don't look as good as ours, that's because you've not left yours to get soggy! We all have those feeling sorry for ourselves moments, and that's OK, and we all have days where we don't feel like getting dressed, which are fine too. And so do us Little's, but we just accidentally, on purpose forget to photograph those moments.

Suited and booted

Snooze in Brighton