The simple things

This week we've enjoyed a few cheeky BBQ's with family, and spent the evening sat outside with a nice glass of Pimms (or two, or three!). It's been ridiculously hot to sleep upstairs, so we moved downstairs. Runkle loves it!

This week we had to go to a funeral, which was a sad but nice day. It's a shame the only time Little B wears a suit is to one. He looks dapper. We then took an evening stroll when home and appreciated the time together.

This week Little R has been home alone a lot, so has been extremely fussy and lapping up the mattress in the living room (and his new pingpong balls!). Best t-shirts ever worn this week. Need we say more?!

This week we enjoyed a few days in Brighton where we spent time eating Tapas on the beach, and being able to have the windows open in our hotel room! It was heavenly.

This week we fell in love with these Snooze mugs and had a nice time sunbathing on the beach. Little B even swam in the sea, whilst I looked on from my magazine. Perfect few days.

Truffle Shuffle

Blue house