Life lately

This week we've made sure we had breakfast and stocked up on fruit. Strawberries being the favourite! We've also got a soft spot for how pretty our neighbours house is. The white door is adorable!

This weekend was Little B's birthday! So we've mismashed hours together for birthday breakfast, two birthday dinners, a birthday lunch and some time to open the presents too! We're off to Brighton in a few weeks for it also!

 This week we found this photo lurking about that never quite made it to the blog. It put a cheeky smile on our face! This week, Little R has been having fun with balloons, and our ears. Nothing changes..!

This week we went shopping, and bought some new things! Of course, we had to wear our new bits straight away! We've not spent much time together lately, so shopping seemed like the perfect idea!

This week Little R ate one of the window plants, so it had to be replaced with artificial flowers! Monday's are also fresh flower buying day, and cheekily on Thursday I bought an extra bunch, for 14pence!

This week these cushions arrived in the post. Since then, we've decided that the living room needs a whole revamp.. And these fit in perfectly! At the weekend, we headed to my granny's farm, and learnt to drive a tractor!

Picnic paradise

Double trouble