Double trouble

Since starting this blog, we've been incredibly lucky with the things that we've done, and more importantly, the people that we've met. So it was delightful when our good friend Steph, invited Little B and I on a double date, to Aspers Casino, with her and her fiance (whooop!). Now we're not casino people, and upon arrival, we felt like extra tiny fish in the biggest sea possible. But actually, the staff we could not fault, who treated us incredibly well,and put all our non gambling faces at ease.

We were taken to the Sky Bar after a brief tour, and offered a wide variety of cocktails, being thoroughly made, and well, truly delicious! This was also a perfect chance for us to catch up on all things, and finally get the gossip on THE ENGAGEMENT we've all been waiting for!

Once our pallets were satisfied with the fruity cocktails, we made our way to the restaurant (this was the unexpected part, where Little B and I had failed and eaten crepes right before!), being spoilt with wine and a three course meal. Of course, Little B was in his elements and made sure there wasn't a crumb in sight, and raved for days after about the beautiful starter and the best pudding ever had.

The staff had kindly given us all free bets on the Slots, Roulette table and Blackjack. Once we'd been given a brief on what to do (this was totally for mine and Steph's benefit!) we were let lose on the slot machine.. And within the first go, I'd nabbed myself a cheeky £5. Which of course, I took home. Because hey, we all like winning something right? And who cares if I looked a bit of a tit cashing in that amount, when a guy next to me was in the hundreds!

After the excitement of the games, we headed onto the terrace for another cocktail or two (hey to the mocktails!), and calmed down from the overwhelming feeling of the casino. It's incredible to see how easy it is for people to get caught up into gambling, but for a fun day out and something different, they really are great places to go. We really had such a wonderful day (with or without the drinks!), and may have felt a little important thanks to the staff! Plus our company was the best.  Here's to the next double date!

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