Stick and stack.

Like the rest of the world, we're a bit obssessed with Instagram. Any opportunity to upload a photo of Little Runkle prancing about, or Little Schmidt looking scrummy then we are so there. And now with all this incredible over our head technology, we can now print them out. Onto magnets. How bloody brilliant!

We became a little Stickygram crazy late last year, and decided that the fridge needed a revamp. It was a good compromise, considering the kitchen was the least fairy lighted or heart shaped room, so putting my heart shaped photos up, seemed reasonable enough. Even if the majority are of those adorable little furries..

Personally, we're big fans of these, and they're also great as small presents or just to brighten up somewhere (or remind you of how amazing you looked in THAT dress!). We always take an extra moment when stopping in the fridge, to have a browse of the fun we've had since Instagram started (food went to a whole new level!)

Pretty much every time a discount code pops up in our emails, we'll already be on the case of ordering another set of 9.. After all, the fridge needs completing. And we haven't even started on the freezer! We actually have a cheeky discount code if you fancy ordering some yourself. Enter FRIENDC7PD at the checkout, and you can get $2 off your order, plus it's free shipping. Hooray. Let's go sticky crazy!

P.s this post was no way sponsored, we're just a bit Stickgram crazy!

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