Life lately

This week I may have treated myself to some Isabel Marant jewellery, partly because the packaging is a little bit too cute. We've spent a lot of this week sleeping whenever we get a spare moment! Cosy haven.

This week Little R has been utterly adorable. You can guarantee that in the morning, he'll be the first one into the bathroom! This week, we've also made sure we had breakfast together, every single day. It was nice.

This week I realised that we actually had some carpet in the bedroom, after hanging all our clothes up nicely. We've also really enjoyed our spare time together, watching films and eating winter dinners (sausage casserole for the win!).

This week I did have one lonely breakfast, so it's only right to make it look extra pretty. And have it in bed! Last week Little B bought some incredible new swim shorts for fun. Hurry up holiday!

Last week we enjoyed a double date with Steph and Sam at a casino in London. There were many cocktails to be had, a lunch to feed the 5000 and even some cheeky winnings to take home!

This week Little S has been full of beans since finishing his antibiotics.. There's been no stopping the little tinker! Last week, we stopped at my brothers house. Little B got in a fight with a pixelated character. He lost.

Last week I joined the world of having my first Krispy Kreme, after a cheeky service station stop. They were delicious. But not as delicious as this little man, with his yellow eyes and big ears. So scrummy!

Navy flowers

Indoor child.