Life lately

This week we cooked up some homemade tapas and it was heavenly! It's always best when you eat without forks too! There's been not much time to snuggle in this room this weekend as we've been busy with friends and family over!

This week, Little S took a trip to the vets as we found a lump. Thankfully he's alright, and was sent home with some antibiotics. Lots of cuddles in order! On Friday night we headed out for a cheeky prezzo! Best food.

This week we took a nice stroll through the fields catching the sun and enjoying each others company, which is very rare these days. This little tinker has been after our breakfast most mornings. He's such a greedy bum!

These two are pretty incredible people, and they definitely deserve a bit of praise on here as whatever they have gone through, they're always still smiling, and the last one's standing.. Well kinda!

Little B also gets a bit of love this week with having a difficult time,  working extra million hours, driving all over the place, and still finds time to do the housework. What a good egg!

This week I've been trying to be organised (a rareness!) and keep track of things we're doing, as we have such terrible memories! On Friday, we received a very exciting little package. Definitely fits into the home!

This week I wore my new shoes for 12 hours solid, standing up. My feet have hurt since! We've also gotten a little too excited with glass jars, and been finding exciting things to put in them around the house.

Big and Little

Ice cream sundae