Life Lately.

This week Little R has been happy slapping Little B awake! Personally, I find it really amusing.. Until he started on me this morning.. Sunday's are made for spending it in our favourite corner of the house. Cosy corner.

This week Little B has been stocking up on cheeky supplies, like crumpets and milkshakes. We're bad people for getting quick dinners! Yesterday I rocked my designer bits, oh and had breakfast on the go.

This week we've been really tired, after a few late nights. An evening of chocolate milkshake and oreo is our idea of heaven. And a good magazine too. Little S has been having some fun downstairs, much to Little R's dismay!

This week I went to the Company awards, and hung out with these two delicious faces, Megan and Robyn. They're babes, and we had a bloody merry happy time. And much to our biggest surprise ever, our pants blew off, we got Highly Commended for being Best Blogging Duo! Our life is now made.

This week Little Bambino has been a bit of a sleepy sausage from working so hard. Here's a cheeky snap of him eating some tasties in my parents kitchen. On Monday we bought the prettiest few bunches of flowers.

This week Little R has the weirdest thing with the stairs. He spends so much time racing up and down on there, and ready to bounce on your ankles! On Tuesday I put my hair up, and for once liked it. But still chickened out..

Cherry sunset.

Yellow flame.