Indoor child.

Things have been a little tough around here lately, and taking some time out was just what we needed. So when Money Supermarket got in touch, offering us £50 to help show that staying in can be just as fun as going out, we knew that this would be right up our street. Little B and I don't get to see all that much of each other, with him working evenings, and so we make sure that our Monday nights are well spent together.

As much as we occasionally love a cheeky little dance and a cocktail out with friends, we're not so secret fans of staying in and watching a cheesy film with a big bowl of popcorn and a variety of hot chocolate on tap. But this time, we wanted to do something different.. And so we built a den (or in those man terms 'a fort!), a den full of fairy lights, cushions and the best fondue ever had! Complete in a pretty heart shaped dish.

Our budget of £50 treated us to more than was needed, in the way of new pyjamas. Because of course, you need fresh new ones for a den, even if we were a little too excited by all of this. That was until the delicious fondue was spilt down our leg.. It's a good job that we had marshmallows to clean it up with! We also stocked up on some refreshing cider, poured into cute jam jars with paper straws, whilst snuggling up on some new Primark cushions and watching an easy film. Little R made sure there was room for him, after twice attempting to climb on top of the sheets. A cheeky treat lured him back inside, where he then decided to settle down on our laps, becoming quite content with the creation built. I think he was set for the night...

The simplest of things, like building a den, are those little pleasures in life that we treasure the most. Not only did we get to enjoy each others company, it also brought back many memories of our childhoods, hiding away in 'cosy corner' (yeah, that's you Little B). Although we now see why our parents only gave us a few sheets and a chair.. Unpicking all those pegs after was a right old chore.

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